Pebble Beach: the Golfer’s Paradise

There are few golf courses that catch the majesty of course located at the Pebble Beach Resort. It has been home to the United States Golfing Championships on five different occasions. It has seen the presence of legends with last names like Hogan, Nicholson, Palmer, and Woods. It gives average players a chance to walk in the footsteps of these legends and experience what they felt as they played golf at Pebble Beach. For those who have passion and a love for the sport, golf at Pebble Beach is an experience that will not soon be forgotten.

Located in the area of Monterey County California, Pebble Beach Golf Links was created in 1919 to improve land value in the surrounding area. It was created to be part of the Hotel De Monte and was built by Charles Crocker. Two amateur golfers, Jack Neville and Douglas Grant, were tasked with designing the course. The property went through many different owners over the years, including several Japanese business groups and the United States Navy, before finally being purchased by the Pebble Beach Company.

Many factors, after its conception, have aided in the growing popularity of the course over the years. From the numerous amateur and professional golfing events, both for men and women, to the classic and historic battles of legends, such as the famous shot that propelled Tom Watson over Jack Nicholson in 1982, the course has been the setting for many memorable moments in the sport of golf. Those in the know want to play golf at Pebble Beach. It has been the home of six major championships, five US and one PGA, and is a stop of the tour multiple times per year. It is also the only public golf course to be voted the best golf course in America, as it was voted so in 2001.

When visiting the resort or just wanting to accept the challenge of the course, those who come to play golf at Beach are met with a course that is known for both its beauty and degree of difficulty. The course is of 18 Holes and is a par 72. The combined yardage of the course is 6828 yards. Presently, resort guest can experience playing golf at Pebble Beach for $495 from August 1 until November 30. Non-resort guest can expect to pay slightly more over the same period for added cart fee. The price from December 1 until March 31, 2018 will see and increase of $525 for resort guest and additional cart fees over the added to this amount for non-resort guest.