Revealed list of Some of the top Golf Courses in California

Did you know that playing golf resembles all the fascinating things about life? With that said, it is true that golf will make you stop saying I wish and start saying you win.

As you plan to play your favorite sport, you are probably looking for some of the top golf courses in California where you and your boys can play this magical game this season. Here is the revealed list of some of the top Golf Courses in California golfing.

List of the top Golf Courses in California

Remember California is always the best place to play golf. Let us quickly dive into the top Golf Courses in California!!

  1.  Pebble Beach Golf Link

This is the best golf course available for you and your boys this season. Having been established in 1919, the rich and magical golf course has remained a dream golf playing destination for many golf players across the globe. For 13 consecutive years, it has been ranked by Golf Digest as the greatest golf course in the world. At Pebble Beach Golf Link here is what you will find;

  • 18 Holes
  •  Yardage of 6,828
  •  It has a Rating of 74.
  •  With a Par of 72
  1.  Cypress Point Golf Course

Strategically located at the foothills of the Santa Lucia Mountain Cypress Point Golf Course is located at the amazing cliff top terrain that is thrilling and varied. It is located at the tip of Monterey Peninsula and comprises of a magical golf course that will provide you with a magical golfing experience.

  1.  The San Fransico Golf Course

Designed in 1915 by Albert Warren Tillinghast and Tilly, the San Fransico golf course is probably the best golf course with amazing magical terrains in California.

  1.  Riviera Golf Course

This amazing golf course has beautiful and magical terrains, which are bound to give you a memorable golfing experience. You and your boys should consider the Riviera Golf Course for its amazing terrains that do not have any mistake.

  1.  The 5th Loss Angeles-North Country Club

The 5th Loss Angeles-North is located at the Wilshire country club. It is an amazing golf course that is bound to showcase the best of real estate scenery and allow you to have a magical golfing experience.

  1.  The 7th Pasantiempo golf course

Initially opened for active play in 1929, the 7th Pasantiempo golf course was designed by the great Alister MacKenzie. It has a mix of exhibitions between; Cyril Tolley, Glenna Collet, Bobby Jones and Marion Hollins

  1.  The 6th Olympic Club Lake

The Lake golf course at the Olympic Club, has hosted up to 4 opens. It is a good choice as you plan to go play this magical game in California.

As you and your friends plan to go play golf this season, use this useful guide in finding the best golf courses for California golfing. Remember California is always the best place to play golf.